Remediation of Hazardous Materials

Contaminated facilities present a vital health & safety concern impacting the environment and surrounding habitats. We work alongside a clients environmental consultant & regulatory officials providing the adequate guidance throughout the sites remediation process.

Our company provides certified technicians and operators to with sampling & testing. Once and if any contaminants are identified, and the level of contamination is decided, Abatement Specialists will provide remediation options in resolutions to contaminant area.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Abatement is performed before demolition or renovation stage of a building or area. Asbestos Abatement must be executed prior any continuous of work can be done within the same area.

A few of the tools & methods used during abatement include, (Negative pressure/filtered exhaust systems, mobile decontamination units, HEPA vacuuming, air monitoring, and visual inspections).

Our company instructs a healthy work environment for all employees, visitors, and clients. We have implemented a constructed plan of action preventing unexpected accidents & illnesses, increasing performance throughout all company levels. The companies comprehensive health & safety manual is reviewed and frequently updated, ensuring compliance with all industry standards.


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With our experience & commitment within the environmental Remediation Industry, clients can expect a clean & efficient job completion, qualified and ready to start the next projected phase.

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